During the last sessions I have learnt the differences between a destructive and Nondestructive edited  picture.

Nondestructive editing allows you to make changes to an image without overwriting the original image data, which remains available in case you want to revert to it. Because nondestructive editing doesn’t remove data from an image, the image quality doesn’t degrade when you make edits.

  1. -You are able to return to a previous unedited/unaltered state of the image whenever you want
  2. -Creating a new layer and using the spot healing brush while sample all layers is on is an example of Non-Destructive editing.
  3. -Using masks helps with Non-Destructive editing.

Destructive editing picture allows to distort the original image for your benefits to create the new image.

  1. -Permanently destroying or altering pixels/images
  2. -Cropping an image without saving a safe copy is destructive