The game I am going to present sound and audio is Grand Theft auto .

In video games there are different type of sound that can heard such as:

Diegetic sound: This sound can be heard in the game by any player or the character you are playing  such as like for example if there is a car klaxon it will be perceived by every one.

-Non Diegetic sound: This sound is the opposite of diegetic which means that only you ( the proper player) can listen to the sound which can be a music background to immerse you in the game like for example a chrono sound during a race that avert that the race is going to end.


In GTA ,there are some specific element in the gameplay and audio that are very specific to it which are the radio statons. the player can’t really select the song he wants to listen to, he has to select what radio station he wants. There are several radio stations which are all different in musical theme such as rap,pop,rock,country and even the game news. There various choices of famous songs while he/she is driving with the radio on .This type of sound is diegetic because the sound is coming out the radio.In GTA 5, the HUD to select the songs is presented as a basic selecting wheel and make a slow motion effect when you select it to assist the play to don’t get collision or accident while driving.In GTA 5, there are 16 radio stations. The game is set in the 2000, so the music used in it are recent songs and not very old even if there are exceptions. In GTA San Andreas, this is not the case , the game is set in 1992 so there’s a lot of music from around then ; lots of hip-hop and new jack swing ; but there’s also a rare grooves station which is all ’60s songs, there’s some ’80s songs , some classic rock, even a country and western station. there are 11 different stations to choose from.

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LINK for : GTA5 music list


GTA 5 RADIO wheel Selection HUD

There is also the ambiant sound in the background that take a big impact during the gaming experience which is a diegetic sound. The ambiant sound in GTA is very immersive because it simulate a alive atmosphere with for example:

  • Urban sound: people speaking, circulation sound
  • Animal sound: animals
  • Natural sound: wind,thunder,rain
  • Vehicle sound : motor engines

All these sounds mixed up together make the player feel in a IRL ( In Real Life) driving experience.

During missions, the player has given many choices of theme songs in the background.


The sound effects, another crucial element in the game, which range from car engine and tyre noises, gunshots and explosions to rain and other atmospheric sounds, are rendered in 5.1 surround, panned to correspond with the action taking place on the screen. The developpers have been using for GTA San Andreas for PS2, the software ProLogic II to do the surround stuff.

The use of sounds in interactive media is very important because it gives most of the personality of the game, when it is used correctly it can be a major asset for any piece of media (computer games for example) for the entertainment and the immersion.

The Hertz or Hz, is a measurement of the sound  frequency it shows at what level it is, which can be high or low. The frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating wave


There is  also the decibels which is the measurement of the amplitude and volume in the sound.