By making that poster I wanted to present a basic and good looking architectural design. This is why I have chosen to do the “Blue Fin” building which has a unique geometrical shape of architecture and very special which according to me when I see It without reading anything I think about architecture. I have made a pinky red flashy color background behind a dark grey shape that makes a contrast between them and make get people attention to the poster in a effective way.

According to me, this poster is quiet good. I have ask my classmate about this poster and they reacted as I wanted them to react. They found it appealing due to minimalist design but effective which make you think about the theme of architecture and the typography also accentuate the fact of architecture and follow the poster’s design.

I have used Illustator to make up the shape of the building. I also used photoshop to correct visual mistakes.


  • The shape of the building is very interesting and simple which makes people curious about it.
  • The font size is very appealing and the the outline of architecture underline the theme of the poster.
  • The color background is flashy.


  • The font aspect may not be like by everybody.
  • The building is not extremely well reproduced and could have been done better.
  • There a space left with nothing fill in.
  • The date is not well placed

If I could improve my poster I would probable change font and display my text in other way.I’d also try to make a original background with different shapes …


By making my poster I really got inspired by the artist Andre Chiote. So in a way they have some similarities which, for example, the background is mono-colour with a opposite colour to make the buildings shape highlighted and attract audiance. The main difference with his poster and mine is probably the creating skills that he used to make the shape. The artist has preferred to make the title in a very minimum visible font compare to mine which take more or less half space of the poster, he favored the aspect of the building shape which is also flashy. He’s signature is just below the title unlike me, which my “signature” is the LOGO which has been placed on the bottom left.