The crew is a racing game who came out in december 2, 2014 on Playstaion 4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and on pc. It has been developed by Ivory tower and Ubisoft reflection studios and edited by Ubisoft.The main idea of this game is that the player is able to travel free in this huge open world playground by driving his car all around the United States of America without any loading which means if the player want to drive from new york to Los Angeles he can ; it takes approximately 45 minutes in real time to drive from coast to coast in the game. The crew map is about 1900 square miles. Larger than the state of Rhode Island in real life which is about 1500 square miles. For example GTA 5 map was about 100.

In the crew video game ,there has been two Heads Up Display, one made for the original game and the second one for the game extension called Wild Run. 795268558.jpg

In this image we can see the original’s The Crew game HUD. The permanent HUD  are the following: In the bottom left we can see the speedometer which has a inclined effect and  black transparent and orange has been used for the indicator of speed to contrast with the black for making a easy checking of the speed you going and still be focused in the race. The mini-map GPS is in a circle to make a symmetrical effect with the speedometer  has been placed at the opposite of the speedometer which is the bottom right and also has a inclined effect. There is also the players list on the middle left of the screen, and on the top left the racing information about the chronometer, the amount of laps the player has remaining. The HUD art-style has been done with a kind of wheel skid trace effect.


Then as action HUD on the GPS , there is a blue line appearing on the top of your car showing to the player what road he needs to take to reach his destination that he selected. The line doesn’t take all the screen so the player is not focused only on it. I think it is a very helpful idea.



The Crew HUD 2.0












1930’s Morgan 3 Wheeler race cars