In the history, Logos have been around in one form or another for several thousand years.  For example, The Ancient Egyptians are known to have branded domestic animals with hieroglyphs to mark their ownership. The Ancient Romans and Greeks marked their pottery to identify the manufacturer. The great faiths of the world have all adopted symbols for ease of recognition.

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Ancient Egyptian

Over the last century, our lifestyles gradually became more complex. Conversely, the design of logos became simpler  and speed of recognition in a faster world.  The art of logo design illustrates the design concept “Less is More” better than any other graphic form.Logos, as we know them today, are intelligent graphic images that are carefully designed to impart their concepts by a specific target audience.

From the 12th century onwards through medieval times, heraldic designs were used to identify the status and property of the nobility which was showing what clan you were coming from it was like your ID in that time.

medieval emblem

In -1800, logos appeared for the first time, and were nothing more than distinctive mark, symbol or literal brand to mark who the maker of the product was.

In 1800-1900,the Victorian era,  Logos have evolved, they started to be more complex because they have been mutating in all shapes and size.It was the beginning of the first brands established by business owners.

In 1900-1930, It was in the early 1900s that the ancestors of the modern logo were born, and it is during this time that we start to see logos being used for corporate identities being trademarked for the first time in history.

In 1930-1980, The logo concept has been developed by strong ideas and  graphic designers who revolutionised the art of logo design and developed the principles of simplicity that most designers still  work by.

In 1980-NOWADAYs, The modern Logo is simple, flexible, adaptable to any kind of media and truly built to last for their brand.

For example the FORD log. In 1966 Henry Ford II asked the designer Paul Rand to change the ford logo but he changed his mind at the last minute to stick with the ford logo ,the one which which we still know today.

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