During this lesson I have researched web sites and youtube videos about non-diegetic sounds.

WEEK : 6 december

I have been researching on about the creators of GTA sound and audio

WEEK: 13th december

Today I have been experimenting different combination  of multiple sounds  on garageBand for my first loop.I am going to make a focusing song like in GTA with electronic sounds.

In Garage band I have experiment the piano Groove pattern pad and I find it very interesting for my sound loop.

10 January 2017:

Today I have used GarageBand to make and edit a original sound loop. I have mainly used the groove pad pattern sound for the background music. I still have to finish the music by using sound which connect to the background sound and make a repetitive and not boring sound. I think that the groove pad sound, balanced with the atmosphere I wanted to produce.



I have started making my second sound loop on garage band. I have used different sounds to combine.