For my racing game I have chosen these following names for my racing teams :

  1. The Moon Racers
  2. The Hell Plugers
  3. Zeus Impact

I have then, started making The Moon racers logo which I wanted to assimilate with the name, I wanted to make a moon in a racing wheel with a moon and combine them to each other in a basic and simple  way. I have experimented different position , shapes , texture on my sketchbook and finally, I have found the perfect logo according to me so I presented it to my friends and said that it was a great logo and suit the racing subject. I am going to use a monster truck wheel and the moon in it.

To make this logo I have use adobe illustrator And first wanted to copy directely from my sketchbook’s design that I have scanned but didn’t really went well so I have started again without it. I have mostly used the shape tool to make circle and pen tool.

DEVELOPMENT to makee the monster truck wheel I have again used the pen tool to make a kind of little moon going around the wheel to make the monster truck wheel ,and the I have experimented without stroke on it. According to me and my classmates it better without strokes. Then I made the central moon thiner to give a better design.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 18.53.27.png
Final logo design




For my second logo that I have called “the hell plugers” I have made  a plug with a devilish design and a steering wheel. I have used adobe illustrator to make this logo. The team colors that I have decided to use that could describe hell easily such as red,orange and yellow. I have decided to upgrade the red in the background and make it look like more like bordeaux.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.32.49.png

I have stared making the steering wheel by using the pen tool and shape tool. Then, I have added a red circle and a yellow cirlcle in the background and made shadows to make a stylish visual design. I have added corns that I have done by using my drawing from my sketchbook.


I have used the brush tool to make the tail .

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 19.24.41.png

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 17.30.41.png




I have experimented different fonts for this logo which suit with the hell subject. These fonts have been taken from the website DAFONT and I have chosen the Romanicum font for my logo.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 19.42.33.png



For my third logo I have called my team Zeus Impact. Zeus was the  god of thunder and kings of gods so it can be seen has strong power and also elecricity which is great for the game.

To make this logo I have used the pen tool and shape tool. I have copied the thunder and rotated it to make a symmetrical looking of two thunder striking . I have used the colors  blues and beige for this logo, but I have experimented many different combinations of colors such as purple , blue, white ,orange and yellow.