My video game is going to be in a future London with as vehicles powerful electric monster trucks riding all over London.

In my sketchbook, I have design my hud to be a fun,good looking and easy to understand. I have started to make the speedometer.

I have made that speedometer with the shape tool and rotate tool to make  repetitive lines for the speedo.


I have made the litlle needle apart to show the exact velocity you are going. I have used the digital font to make a realistic effect.


I have used many layer by making the black going more light and it makes a interesting visual style.


The  battery that I place in the speedometer

This battery indicate how fast the car can but also when you don’t have enough battery your vehicle will go slower than usual but if you got it full charge the player will go faster ( This has nothing to do with the boost). This can be also see has health because the player can remove one bar by collide the other players so you can play strategically by reducing the speed of your enemies.

You can get your life back by waiting your battery recharge by his own or by steeling it from others players while you collide.




The boost has nothing to do with the battery, you it load by itself by  racing, attacking other players or making freestyle figures. The boost will project you


This is the first design of the boost that I have made in adobe illustrator by using the pent tool and for the colour the gradient tool.

I took the flame on google image capture-decran-2017-03-05-a-20-26-01

Then I have made the nitro indicator in adobe illustrator. by using the shape tool and copy and paste the same (which is the nitro)layer and make the yellow become lighter to give a better looking that just a flat design




I have experimented different type of mini map. That i have first done on adobe photoshop by using the cirlce select tool and then inverse the selection the delete the

I am going to use this shape for my hud , I will use the gradient tool to change the color
final design


I have use the font  helvetica neue. capture-decran-2017-03-05-a-20-42-13

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 20.43.20.png

I have use the pen tool and gradient black and white color and used the the digital 7 font.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 20.45.39.png


Final Hud



Capture d’écran 2017-03-05 à 21.33.19.png
Final Hud with the logo MOON Racer in the speedometer

This is my final Hud design for my Monster truck racing game.