In animation, there are many ways to produce a animated piece.

Drawn animation :

This covers any form where one drawing is replaced by another in a sequence. Each drawing is slightly different from the one before. It works the way a flip book does. These animated films are made up of thousands of drawings which are shown on screen very quickly one after the other.  It takes a very long time to film from start to finish and requires many animators to complete the work.



Cut Out animation :

This covers any form of animation where cut-out shapes are moved around or replaced by other cut outs. Flat objects like buttons, matchsticks and string can also be used in this form of animation. Cut-outs can also be laid on top of drawings.  It is very quick and easy to do but difficult to have more than one or two objects moving at the same time. Cut-out animation can appear very stiff and awkward.




Model and stop motion Animation :

This involves the filming of three-dimensional models. The materials used could include plasticine, clay or wire ,in fact anything that can be bent or formed into another shape. The puppets are positioned and filmed before being moved ever so slightly and filmed again. These shots are put together as a piece of film and will give the impression of the models moving. Models can be used over and over again and copies made of them to shoot different scenes at the same time so that the filming takes less time.  This type of animation needs a lot of time and hard work.


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 16.40.32.png



Computer animation or Computer Generated Imagery also called CGI:

This refers to the drawing of three-dimensional models and sets on the computer. Images can be scanned into the computer using digital photography or made within the computer itself. Human characters can be built from clay whilst sets and furnishings are modelled using design systems similar to architects drawings. These models are scanned into the computer as wire-frame models, which are gradually built up into a coloured and textured form.