For this assignment I have been given the task to produce a 2D animation about hope.

The softwares I am going to use for this animation are adobe illustrator for making characters and background and then use adobe after effect for making the animations ( character,environment).

I have elaborate a short story that would represent hope as I see it. I have been making a story about a boy that has lost every kind of hope since he was disable in a wheel chair so to improve the fact that there is no hope in the boy I have made dark design of him and the background. I have been inspire by the video games limbo and it’s dark design and also by Tim burton style for the weirdness style.

The animation starts with alarm clock sound, and the boy is waking up and he is already hope less so everything is dark. Then he is rolling with his wheelchair in different background  with a sad emotion, I made variated background on adobe illustrator such as city, forests,hill backgrounds. The boy stops by the forest to see people playing football and this makes the boy sad, suddenly it starts raining and so he’s starting to hurry and try to find a dry place but he is falling down by a little rock. During this same scene I wanted to give the viewer that the there is no hope left in the boy until that girl with a red dress came and helped him and just right after this scene I make the colours appearing which give to the viewer a message that hope is not totally lost and it’s coming back , this is why I make them going back in all the background  scene he passed before and make them turning into colour and give a end of the hopeless cycle the boy had.


By making this animation my audience target is going to be aiming at not disable people (young and old ) to do not ignore and leave aside disable people and help them ,talk to them, treating them like normal human being.

I have been drawing in my sketchbook,  the environment in the backgrounds, characters and the storyboard.

I have started making my backgrounds with adobe illustrator by using mostly the shape tool, pen tool, curvature tool, paintbrush tool.

Many of the natural backgrounds I have created have been inspired from a region of Italy I come from which is called tuscany, the landscape is very attractive with the hills very well treated with vine wine, cypress trees which give a relaxing and hope feeling which is why I wanted to use it.


For my first background I wanted to make it in a town environment so I have been making the buildings mainly with the brush tools, I place the buildings in  hills to give a different style and make it original.

Then many of my backgrounds I made have mostly a forest environment but are all made


In the image below I have been designing different environment object that I will use in my animation.

I have been using adobe illustrator for making the grass design by using the pen tool, I have mainly used the same grass pattern and used it over and over again all over the hills and this made a natural landscape looking.

main character:

For my main character I wanted to give him a simple design but also give to the audience have pity of him in a sense of he is hopeless and sad. I have been experimenting different design in my sketchbooks.




These are some of my sketches for my main character and also he’s wheelchair, I have been experimented different design for it.

The images below shows all my sketches to make the girl design and then the final result, I wanted to present the girl very simply and also symbolize her as Hope by being the only character of the animation having colors during the no-colors scenes.


Sketches of the girl design

I Have used Adobe illustrator to produce these characters. to animate it I have been using the pen tool and edited and put apart every body layers which means a layer for the right arm, the left arm and etc.. to then animate them on after effect with the puppet tool which allow me to move the arms how I want to for example.  I first wanted to use the after effect plug in DUIK but unfortunately It was not possible in the computer I have been using to download it.