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Where did you get your ideas from? What influenced you?

To make this animation I have been inspired by the film ‘the Intouchables”with a disable man getting hope back from another person and the the story came by itself. For the design of it I have been inspired by Tim Burton’s style and the video game “LIMBO” as we can see in my questionnaire I people saw some similarities with both, But I did not copy their style entirely I have made my own style.

How did your idea develop and why did they change?

My idea was first a fat guy that would keep running during the all animation, while he was running he would go less and less fat but it happened that I decided to go with the wheelchair story. But there are some similarities with both animations because these two character are always going forwards and never go back.

What do you think of the overall design? What changes would you make?

I think that I did pretty well with the main design and I have made my own design which I did not found anywhere, but obviously there are some similarities with other artworks, like it has been said in the questionnaire responses that it looks like the art style’s video game “LIMBO” which I have been inspired from. If I would make any changes it would be adding more colours and tone on details.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.48.18.png

   Are you happy with the materials you chose? Would you make adjustments next time?

I am quiet happy about it, I have been using softwares such  as illustrator, after effect which I wasn’t familiar with after effect , If I would make any changes I would use after effect again but with more skills used.

Is the colour scheme exactly what you expected  What alterations would you make?

Yes I think I did a really great job about the colour palette I have used and create the atmosphere I exactly wanted to produce. As we can see in the comments response The transition from dark to colours as been well done and describe in another way how to present hope.


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.03.12.png

 Did the project take too long to make? How would you have used the time more efficiently?

I didn’t follow perfectly my  planner and so I I have been quiet late making the animation as it was initially expected, I think I had taken more days to produce my animation some parts has some mistakes , as we can see in some scene have been completed fast but at the end it came well.