Letter A : Atomic Bomb

Where did you get your ideas from? What influenced you?

For this assignment I have been given the letter A, I have then been thinking of the word atomic and came out with atomic bomb and thought it could be a original way of making a 5 seconds stop motion animation.

How did your idea develop and why did they change?

My first idea was to make a division army walking and singing, then i came out with amazing but didn’t thick it was enough original so thought of making a explosion, and had the idea of atomic bomb.

 What do you think of the overall design? What changes would you make?

It is a very simple design , it is  only modelling clay combined with many other colours, but I think that if I could change it I would definitely be improving the design of the shell bomb and make a  more realistic looking design.

Are you happy with the materials you chose? Would you make adjustments next time? 

The materials I have used are just modelling clay, white backgrounds and a Canon camera which I found these materials quiet good for this assignment. If I had to make stop motion animation again I would be improving the light of the image , get a tripod to stop the camera from moving and improving my photography skills by adjusting the focus of the image qualities that I found quiet blurry in my animation.

  Did the project take too long to make? How would you have used the time more efficiently?

This project was not very difficult, I did not choose my letter so I was forced to worked on that specific one which make me think quiet fast at what word my animation will be of.  I have been sketching the storyboard of these 5 seconds on my sketchbook and then make the photoshoot which took me a week end to make. I have the edited the video and cut out some stuff because it was too long.