The title of my animation: Atomic Bomb

My animation is going to be with the letter a so I have been thinking of atomic bomb and so present it as a bomb falling from the sky and blowing up.

So I have been sketching the storyboard of it on my sketchbook.

My audience target for this animation is going to aim to a people age to 7 to 77 which means it is going to be for all public, because it is a very simple animation of a explosion made in a quiet funny way.


First storyboard I have prepare, with originally starting with 2 soldiers having a conversation and the the bomb will drop and blow up.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.24.17.png

I have to made a clay animation of two animated character having a funny kind of conversation but it came out ta the animation was too long at the end so I decided to cut this scene out of it ; and just keep the bombshell explosion scene.

To make

To make this 5 second animation I have used a Canon Camera and place it in a way it wouldn’t move , I didn’t have a tripod unfortunately.  I took over 300 images to produce the animation and make it the more smoother I could do.

legal and ethical consideration : The explosion part shows nothing terrible and everyone can watch it without any problem.