Games Design

By Keran Gimignani

ReTRO GAMES research

Pong: Pong  is one of the earliest arcade video games; it is a tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics. The aim is to defeat an opponent in a simulated table-tennis game by earning a higher score.   PAC MAN... Continue Reading →


Producing a film

To make film there most of the time 3 stages of production: Before pre-production: Ideas Script (Ideas, dialogue, etc ) Pre-Production: is the phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to the process of production. In a live action movie... Continue Reading →

The Elements and principles of Art Design

Homework = 4 images high resolution place I have been , article about the place.     Margins : It's a negative space.   Element of design are the parts. They structure and carry the works ELE semi autics element... Continue Reading →

3D Design

Geology and Science 3D modelling is used in Geology and Science to create models that simulate plate movement and landforms. This let them see the affects of stresses that could course such as volcanos and earthquakes. Additionally, they also can... Continue Reading →

After effect tests

Practising with adobe After Effect

Stop motion animation: Evaluation

Letter A : Atomic Bomb Where did you get your ideas from? What influenced you? For this assignment I have been given the letter A, I have then been thinking of the word atomic and came out with atomic... Continue Reading →

Stop motion development

The title of my animation: Atomic Bomb My animation is going to be with the letter a so I have been thinking of atomic bomb and so present it as a bomb falling from the sky and blowing up. So... Continue Reading →

Animation Evaluation Questionnaire LINK Where did you get your ideas from? What influenced you? To make this animation I have been inspired by the film 'the Intouchables"with a disable man getting hope back from another person and the the story came... Continue Reading →

RIDE OF HOPE development

For this assignment I have been given the task to produce a 2D animation about hope. The softwares I am going to use for this animation are adobe illustrator for making characters and background and then use adobe after effect... Continue Reading →

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