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By Keran Gimignani

Animation Evaluation Questionnaire LINK Where did you get your ideas from? What influenced you? To make this animation I have been inspired by the film 'the Intouchables"with a disable man getting hope back from another person and the the story came... Continue Reading →


RIDE OF HOPE development

For this assignment I have been given the task to produce a 2D animation about hope. The softwares I am going to use for this animation are adobe illustrator for making characters and background and then use adobe after effect... Continue Reading →

This is my email confirmation from the sense of hope confirmation.


Retailers that sell titles with ratings of 12, 16 or 18 years to children below the age limits will be subject to prosecution. To prepare for the move, the government decided to drop a parallel ratings system run by the... Continue Reading →


Having the right type of intellectual property protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying: the names of your products or brands; your inventions; the design or look of your products ;things you write, make or produce. Copyright, patents,... Continue Reading →

Animation Techniques

In animation, there are many ways to produce a animated piece. Drawn animation : This covers any form where one drawing is replaced by another in a sequence. Each drawing is slightly different from the one before. It works the... Continue Reading →


For this assignment I have been searching online about hud. I have then made some sketches of my three racing teams on my sketchbooks and also my hud. To reproduce the logos and hud digitally I have been using softwares... Continue Reading →


Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of changeEarly examples of attempts to capture the phenomenon of motion into a drawing can be found in palaeolithic cave paintings, where animals are often depicted with... Continue Reading →


On Excel, I have produce a weekly planner made for 6 weeks, for the animation assignment. I have used a gantt chart took on a website. I have explained what and when I am organised to produce this assignment. link... Continue Reading →

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