Presentation ASSESSMENT

Here is my 5 minute presentation I have done with my group about Playstation, which my section was about PSP’s. Here is my slides I have created to make my presentation about Playstation Portable consoles.   Advertisements

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 ANM4100.3 With my group I have been given the task to make a 3D environment based on engineering. We decided to produce a futuristic environment which will be set in a factory that will be in a floating island  on space. BLOG I Here is a Slideshow of our first presentation of our project.   […]


SAE: Blog IV

During those two years I hope to gain skills in my current weaknesses, which as I said in blog 3. one of the most important current weaknesses I wish to change into skills is my knowledge for 3D design, modelling by looking at a lot of tutorial and playing with Maya to get a bit […]

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Hello!!! In this blog post I am going to present you all my current strenghts and weakneasses related or not to my course.  Current Strenghts My current strengths are: I have no problem working with a team and adapt myself for the good of the team. I have good drawing skills. Since I was a […]

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Hello everyone ! in this blog I am going to show you all my previous works, as you probably read in  my previous blog I went to college and know I am at SAE without taking any gap year or opportunity to work so all of my works that I did are made from my previous […]

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