SAE: Blog IV

During those two years I hope to gain skills in my current weaknesses, which as I said in blog 3. one of the most important current weaknesses I wish to change into skills are my knowledge for 3D design, modelling by looking at a lot of tutorial and playing with Maya to get a bit […]

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Hello!!! In this blog post I am going to present you all my current strenghts and weakneasses related or not to my course.  Current Strenghts My current strengths are: I have no problem working with a team and adapt myself for the good of the team. I have good drawing skills. Since I was a […]

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Hello everyone ! in this blog I am going to show you all my previous works, as you probably read in  my previous blog I went to college and right after getting my diploma I went to SAE without any gap year or opportunity to work for any society in media so all of my works […]

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Hi everyone ! My name is Keran I am originally from France, since I was a kid I really enjoyed drawing and making characters, stories so I was really into reading and watching films, playing games, I really liked the fact of making a story showing a vision of someone’s creativity which gave me the […]

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Final Major Project

PROJECT PROPOSAL_K   For my Final project I have been thinking of making a 2D black and white old style animation. Cartoon Style is the cartoon style most prevalent from The Silent Age of Animation. Most historians refer to this as Rubber Hose Animation because characters’ arms, legs and pretty much everything else are usually animated […]

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MAYA Animation

    ‘Geri’s Game’  is an animated short film made by Pixar, which is a well known computer animation film studio best known for films such as the Toy Story, Cars etc.  The duration of the film is 04.41 seconds. Geri’s Game was the first Pixar Short created after Toy Story, the previous short being Knick Knack in […]

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WIX What is responsive web design. hamburger bar protocol= http https Ftp google fonts ( INTERESTING WEBSITES; pictures 800 by 600 pixels   Portfolio Websites’ Research  Refresh-Studio I found this website quiet interesting because of its original design. When you click on the websites it first starts with a loading screen with […]